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Wearing something that makes you feel good is a powerful thing and like fashion, Magick is all about how you FEEL. Magick is everyday life and everyday life is magick, including things that may seem mundane, like getting dressed in the morning. The reality is that, as cliché as it may sound, we really do create our own realities by projecting what we feel on the inside to our “outside” or physical worlds and that being so, goes to show just how significant our emotions can be.

Isn't it amazing how that one special item of clothing you love; that spiky choker, those red pumps, that vintage slip that was your grandmothers or even just an oversized band Tee; can make you feel so strong and powerful? That inside feeling helps to mold your personal reality! In some ways fashion is even greater than art because we live our entire lives in it and there’s nothing insignificant about that! So why not add some magick to the mix to aid in our daily protection and guidance? 

Through sourcing textiles from all around the world, I am able to design unique garments that are one-of-a-kind (besides our forever items like the oh-so popular Minx Set). My intention is to create images/garments that represent the fusion of cultures, new and old, to create one-of-a-kind and custom pieces that speak not only to your eyes but to your SOUL <3 By wearing something that not only looks good but FEELS good to you, you can begin to consciously infuse your life with more magick.