Elemental Magick within clothing...

Nature and Magick are always my biggest inspirations and sometimes those energies flow through me and I don’t even notice! Like the other day I was just making a bunch of these new Muchacha Tops and I realized that I had subconsciously paid homage to our four elements.

element symbols 2.JPG

The element of Earth represented by these two matching Tierra Muchacha Tops. Featuring the Queen of Pentacles tarot card from Serpent Fire also representing Earth <3 For all my Taurean (like myself hehe), Virgo and Capricorn queens <3

tierra muchacha 2.JPG

The element of water represented by these matching Agua Muchacha Tops, adorned with moons in every phase that move the oceans. Featuring the Queen of Cups card which also associated with the element of water. For all my Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces’ mama’s <3

agua muchacha 2.JPG

The element of Fire represented by these matching Fuego Muchacha Tops, decorated with suns, moons and zodiac symbols. Featuring the Queen of Wands card also representing fire. For all my Leo, Sagittarius and Aries babes <3

fuego muchacha 2.JPG

The element of Air represented by these matching Aire Muchacha Tops made with a beautiful Chinese satin featuring the Queen of Swords card representing the element of Air. For my Aquarius, Gemini and Libra ladies <3

aire muchacha 2.JPG

I did matching sets for each element for the holidays as stocking stuffers so you can match with you bestie for the new year!

elements xmas.JPG

Channel the power of each element through these magickal tops <3

element symbols 1.JPG

Summon the powers of Earth, Water, Fire and Air everyday through the magick of textiles <3

Gabriela Rosales