The Process

fabric magick 5.JPG

For me, sourcing fabrics is a ceremonial experience. Sometimes when I'm out scouting fabrics I'll have some kind of design in mind but honestly, most of the time I just let the fabrics guide me. 

Since I was a little girl, I've been fortunate enough to travel to many countries and experience many different cultures. As a Taurus I am also extremely motivated by beauty and comfort so as I was seeing all of these beautiful places, the thing that always mesmerized me the most were the textiles and many different forms of traditional garb I was exposed to. 

In addition to an early exposure to other cultures, I also grew up outside of Washington D.C., a city that is extremely diverse and cultured, and this diversity has always been my favorite thing about the U.S.! It has always been a goal of mine with Moon Arrow, to accomplish a visual sense of world unity through textiles. Through this I hope to expose and honor cultures that people may have not seen or experienced before and therefore encourage and showcase diversity and unity, worldwide <3

In addition to sourcing textiles, I am adamant about cleansing and charging these textiles through Moon and crystal magick. 

After bringing home my new fabrics, I will leave them either on my window sill or in my yard with pieces of different crystals (I choose the crystals based on the colors/vibes of the fabric) on them over night so that the crystals may cleanse the fabrics while the Moon charges them!

After this I make the pieces and then before I put them in my eco-friendly mailers, I burn herbs like sage/palo Santo and mugwort to cleanse any remaining energies so that when they arrive at their destinations, they are FULLY yours, physically and energetically so that they may serve as your spiritual armor <3